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Creating a Portfolio
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Creating a Portfolio


Displaying the Portfolio Input Box

To arrive at the input screen:

When the portfolioInputBox has been opened to edit an extant portfolio, the values for each of the fields are shown as defaults. Note that the accountNumber cannot be edited once assigned; the necessity of ensuring that the "transactions", "holdings", "custodianAccounts" and "dealerAccounts" tables reflect account activity make changing an accountNumber an unnecessarily complex procedure.

Filling the Portfolio Input Box

The following fields comprise the data-entry requirements of the Portfolio Input Box, each of which corresponds to a field in the portfolioDataRecord. Click the links to be referred to the proper section of the manual:

Note that clicking the "Help" button will display the Glossary Description


  • Programme appears to freeze on input and checking of commission: This problem appears to be a mere matter of screen views. If a commissionReportBox does not respond when buttons are clicked, move it elsewhere on the screen. There may be an active commissionInputBox, the view of which is masked by the reportBox and which is masking input to the reportBox.