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Creating a Portfolio


Setting the Constraints ID

When the "Set" button next to the "Constraints ID" edit box on the portfolioInputBox is clicked, the constraintsSelectionBox is displayed:

Highlighting a selection and clicking the "OK" button will set the value of constraintsID in the portfolioDataRecord being created.

Highlighting a selection and clicking the "Details" button on the constraintsSelectionBox will display the constraintsReportBox, which displays the value of the constraints for the indicated constraintSpecificationRecord.

Clicking the "Add New" button on the constraintsSelectionBox will display the constraintInputBox, which allows the creation of a new constraintSpecificationRecord:

Fields incorporated in the constraintSpecificationRecord are used to constrain the portfolio - an account may be specified as eligible to purchase only retractible issues, for example, or to avoid them completely, or to respect a minimum or maximum percentage, through the setting of the maxWeightRetractible field.

Fields incorporated in the constraintSpecificationRecord are:

Field Name Valid values
maxWeight 0.0 < maxWeight ≤ 1.0
maxWeight > minWeight
minWeight 0 < x ≤ 1.0
minWeight < maxWeight
maxWeightRetractible 0.0 ≤ maxWeightRetractible < 2.0
maxWeightIssuerClass2 0.0 ≤ maxWeightIssuerClass2 < 2.0
maxWeightSplitShareCorp 0.0 ≤ maxWeightSplitShareCorp < 2.0
maxWeightInterestPay 0.0 ≤ maxWeightInterestPay < 2.0
maxWeightCumulativeDividends 0.0 ≤ maxWeightCumulativeDividends < 2.0
maxWeightCreditClass2 0.0 ≤ maxWeightCreditClass2 < 2.0
maxWeightCreditClass2 + maxWeightCreditClass3 ≤ 3.0
tradingMaxDays tradingMaxDays > 0.0
identifier Assigned by system
indexID Must correspond to the indexID of an indexNamesType
maxWeightIssuerClass3 0.0 ≤ maxWeightIssuerClass3 < 2.0
maxWeightFloatingRate 0.0 ≤ maxWeightFloatingRate < 2.0
maxWeightCreditClass3 0.0 ≤ maxWeightCreditClass3 < 2.0
maxWeightCreditClass2 + maxWeightCreditClass3 ≤ 3.0
description More than zero characters; less than 50