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User Data


Data requiring backup

HIMIPref™ differentiates between server-data and client-data. The former (permanentDatabase and volatileDatabase) requires no attention by the user, as it is thoroughly backed up by Hymas Investment Management Inc. and recovery will be swift in the event of a disaster.

However, the userDatabase:

  • is stored on the user's own hardware
  • contains information considered private to the user
  • contains data that is transmitted to the server only when necessary
  • is not retained on the server

The userDatabase is comprised of the following tables:

A userDatabase is installed on the user machine at the time that HIMIPref™ is installed; some sample data is supplied so that users may investigate the system without having to input bookkeeping data.

IMPORTANT: The userDatabase is initially installed in a sub-folder of the programme installation folder named "userData". Subsequent installations will over-write any data stored in this folder; hence, use of the "mainMenu|File|Reset User Data Directory" prior to any data input is highly recommended! As the amount of user-specific data contained within the userDatabase increases, the importance of backing up this data to another location (preferably off-site) increases.