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Trade Recommendations



Trade recommendations are communicated to the user by HIMIPref™ via the tradeDocument. This document may be displayed through choosing "Reports | Active Portfolio | Trade Report" on the mainMenu.

Once this selection has been made, the first change to the screen will be the appearance of the messageBox with information regarding ex-dates:

This message (#5087) advises the user of issues which have had an ex-date subsequent to the date of the prices used to prepare the tradeDocument, but on or prior to the "system date" on the user's machine. If an issue recommended for trading is found to be on this list, the price used in the trade recommendation should be reduced by the amount of the dividend paid, as the purchaser will not receive the dividend if the trade takes place on or after the ex-date.

Once "OK" has been clicked, the tradeReport appears, which is controlled by the tradeMenu.

Issue Method

Most users of the issueMethod prefer to examine HIMIPref™'s trade recommendations through the bestTradesReportBox, which may be produced via the tradeMenu|Reports|BestTrades pop-up menu:

while others prefer to work directly from the tradeReport. There is no difference in the information reported, but the sorting is different (the report box is presented as a vector, the trade report as an array) and the tradeReport offers a wealth of detail regarding trade calculation through right-clicking the grid element of interest.

For most portfolios, sorting the bestTradesReportBox by weightedTradeDesirability will be most convenient; the tradeReport is at its most immediately useful when tradeMenu|View is used to select weightedTradeDesirability and tradeMenu|Sort is used to sort according to descending tradeDesirability

These terms are further explained within this manual - please see the menu at left.

Portfolio Method

The portfolioMethod determines the total trades in the portfolio (up to a limit of MAX_TRADES_DAILY) in a tradeIteration.

The multipleTradeReportBox reports all the trades deemed desirable as a result of this analysis. To view this report, click "Reports|Iterated Trades" on the tradeMenu.

Iterative trading adjusts the portfolio holdings stored in memory with every iteration to reflect presumed execution of each trade. The tradeDocument provides analysis only for the first iteration.