Downloads + Instructions


HIMIPref™ has been built and tested using Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.4322, available from the Microsoft® .Net Framework Developer Centre.

Note : Clients with no desire to do .NET programming on their machines should download and install the "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable"

This programme should be installed on the client machine prior to installation of HIMIPref™.



Click HERE to download the HIMIPrefFiles.exe setup package.

Installation Instructions

WARNING! If downloading in order to install a new version of HIMIPref™ subsequent to the use of a prior version, please refer to the User Manual to ensure your data is not over-written!

To install the setup package:

  • The downloaded file, HIMIPrefFiles.exe, should be stored to a temporary directory.
  • Execute HIMIPrefFiles.exe to unpack the setup files (see note) :
    • Setup.exe
    • SetupPFD000903.msi
  • Execute Setup.exe to install HIMIPref™.

    Note : On executing HIMIPrefFiles.exe, the following box will be displayed on the monitor:

    The "Win-Zip Box"

    Click the "Browse" button to select a destination folder for the setup files, via a standard Windows directory selection box.

    Click the "Unzip" button to unpack the files to the selected folder. The following box should then be displayed :

    The "Win-Zip 'OK' Box"

    Click "OK" on the "Win-Zip 'OK' Box", then "Close" on the "Win-Zip Box"

    The unpacking process is now complete and, as specified in the main instructions, Setup.exe may now be executed to install HIMIPref™.