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Trade Input


Dealer Selection

The dealer specified on the tradeConfirmationDocument is the counterparty to the trade. Therefore, this selection is used to specify to the custodian with whom the exchange of money and securities is to take place.

The dealer is selected via the dealerSelectionBox:

The "Dealer Selection Box"

To select a dealer, simply highlight the dealer name with a single mouse-click and click "OK"

Note : To add a new dealer to the list, see Adding a Dealer

Note : The "Account" at the dealer may be specified through the "Edit Dealer Accounts" selection on the tradeConfirmationMenu|input popup. See Editing Dealer Accounts.

Note : The information printed on the tradeConfirmationDocument with respect to the dealer may be edited via the "Edit Dealers" selection on the tradeConfirmationMenu|input popup. See Editing a Dealer