HIMIPref™ User Manual
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Creating a Portfolio
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Set Commission
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Creating a Portfolio


Setting the System Constants ID

When the "Set" button next to the "systemConstantsID" edit box on the portfolioInputBox is clicked, the systemConstantsSelectionBox is displayed.

Highlighting an entry on the list and clicking the "Details" button will display the analyticalParametersReportBox

Highlighting an entry on the systemConstantsSelectionBox and clicking "OK" will set the reference on the portfolioInputBox to the desired selection.

Important: Full parameterization has been completed only for the issueMethod with a tax-rate equal to that of the highest marginal rate in Ontario; institutional/discount commission rates specified in the commissionDataRecord; two separate sizes of portfolio are listed. Parameterizaton for the portfolioMethod will be released in the near future; parameterization for "retail" commission rates will be released somewhat later.