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Creating a Portfolio


Setting the Desired Swap Issues

When the "Set" button next to the "Desired Swap Issues" edit box on the portfolioInputBox is clicked, the integerInputBox is displayed for selection of the desired swap issues of the portfolioDataRecord.

The desiredSwapIssues field should be set to:

  • 0, for accounts analyzed by the portfolioMethod
  • 0, for accounts analyzed by the issueMethod with a portfolioCashValue of 0 (an account of this nature is used solely to prepare a tradeReport that examines all possible sales vs. all possible purchases)
  • The ideal number of securities to be held in the account, for accounts analyzed by the issueMethod that will have a non-zero portfolioCashValue (these accounts are analyzed without reference to the indexComposition and seek to trade solely on the basis that the issue bought will outperform the issue sold).