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Creating a Portfolio


Setting the Commission Schedule ID

When the "Set" button next to the "Commission Schedule ID" edit box on the portfolioInputBox is clicked, the commissionSelectionBox is displayed.

Highlighting an entry and clicking the "Details" button will display the commissionReportBox

Highlighting an entry on the commissionSelectionBox and clicking "OK" will set the commissions applicable to the portfolio's trade analysis equal to that of the selected commissionDataRecord.

When the commissionSelectionBox is accessed via the portfolioInputBox, clicking "Cancel" will display the commissionInputBox

Commission schedules stored to the commissions table of the userDatabase in this fashion may then be selected in the commissionSelectionBox.

Important: As of July, 2005, parameterization of accounts with "retail" commission schedules had not been completed. All parameterization has been done for institutional/discount commission rates (less than ten cents per share). Therefore, while HIMIPref™ will be able to determine trades indicated while the commission is set to a high rate, these recommendations cannot be considered reliable.